The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination, a book by Edward Bauer, available online now!


"Newsmakers - JFK Assassination Solved –
... Unlike other published theorists...he knows and understands rifle shooting.  Authors and theorists of previous to credit Oswald with an educated plan and thought-out escape route.  His book looks at the situation "in Oswald's shoes."

His experience editing film and tape allowed Bauer to analyze the sequence of events from a unique standpoint as well.  “Knowledge of film editing is critical to solving the mystery,” he said.

Bauer has read many different books on the JFK assassination, a topic that has fascinated him for years."

--The County Times (MD)

“I had never heard of the “first-shot-to-zero” idea before; makes sense to me… Your theory of FBI cover-up of the curb-gash is also new (to me), but does answer all questions. Your theory of Dallas cops’ use of Ruby also “clicked” with me.

Your idea for all to adhere to Dale [K. Myers]’s Zapruder yardstick is perfect.

Loved your writing style… you should write more.”

--”B”, VA

“A great read!  The author takes you into the mind of Lee Harvey Oswald and steps you through his thought processes and the logical sequence of events. It is an easy read, yet superbly substantiated. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading history.”

--Chris H., TX

Edward Bauer certainly solves the mystery with both the simple and complex evidence. Casual readers and data analysts alike will be satisfied with The Final Truth.

--JP, VA

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The Final Truth